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The World Standards Day event and the ISO 18473-4 "Nano Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalytic Application "Conference was successfully held on Oct 14th in Xuancheng, Anhui Province. ISO 18473-4 "Nano Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalysis" was released in February 2022, and Guangzhou Huifu R&D Institute Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hubei Huifu Nanomaterials Co., Ltd., participated in the setting of this standard.


The photocatalytic effect of titanium dioxide was first discovered by Japanese scientists in 1967. With the development of nanoscience, the photocatalytic effect of nano-scale titanium dioxide, also called fumed titanium dioxide, is particularly prominent. Research and practice have shown that nano-titanium dioxide is activated under the action of ultraviolet rays in sunlight or lamps to generate free radicals with high catalytic activity, which can produce strong photo-oxidation and reduction capabilities, and can catalyze and photolysis. All kinds of formaldehyde and other organic substances and some inorganic substances. Therefore, nano-titanium dioxide has been widely used in water treatment, automobile exhaust gas treatment, exterior or indoor air purification, self-cleaning and antibacterial and other fields.

In recent years, China has made great progress in R&D and manufacturing of nano-photocatalytic materials. Domestic nano-preparation companies have also successively launched a series of competitive nano-photocatalytic materials. Among them, HIFULL NT-50, manufactured by Hubei Huifu Nanomaterial Co., Ltd., are highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers and enjoy a high market reputation. HIFULL NT-50 is fumed titanium dioxide (TiO2) prepared by pyrolysis process. It has ultra-fine particle size, high purity, high specific surface area and unique combination of anatase and rutile mixed crystal structure. This product is applied in the field of catalysis and photocatalysis, it can also be used as an effective UV filter.


The launch of ISO 18473-4 "Nano Titanium Dioxide for Photocatalysis" is the first time in the world that an internationally recognized technical standard has been provided for the application of nano-titanium dioxide materials in photocatalysis, which will definitely play a strong technical support for the wider application.

Technical Data Sheet of HIFULL NT-50 nano/fumed titanium dioxide