Fumed silica, or pyrogenic silica, colloidal silicon dioxide, is amorphous white inorganic powder which has high specific surface area, 

nano-scale primary particle size and a relatively high (among silica products) concentration of surface silanol groups. 

The properties of fumed silica can be chemically modified by reaction with these silanol groups.


Hubei Huifu manufactures both hydrophilic fumed silica and hydrophobic fumed silica. Our trade mark is HIFULL.

Commercial available fumed silica can be divided into two groups: hydrophilic fumed silica and hydrophobic fumed silica. 

Because of the above-mentioned features, it is widely used as an important ingredient in many industries such as silicone rubber, paint and plastics industries…

      HYDROPHILIC Fumed Silica                                                   VS                                        HYDROPHOBIC Fumed Silica

It’s nano amorphous silica with high   purity, it canbe dispersed in water


Reactive   silane-treated silica based on hydrophilic products. It’s hydrophobic, cannot   be dispersed in water



 Weak   acid, neutral

Aqueous phase products

Applicable   System

 Oil phase products


HL-150 ,HL-200, HL-300, HL-380,



Product   Grade

PDMS-Treated: HB-139

DDS-Treated: HB-151,  HB-152

HMDS-Treated: HB-132,  HB-612,  HB-615,  HB-620,  HB-630

Special silane-Treated: HB-701,  HB-202N


Can be wetted and dispersed in water


Product   FEATURES

Low hygroscopicity, good dispersibility,   rheological adjustment for polar system products; little effect on viscosity   even at high dosage in liquid phase products   

Reinforcement for silicone elastomers,  

thickening for non-polar liquids,   flow aid 

for food & industrial powders, insulation 

properties even at high temperature





Thickening   for polar liquids; rheology control during processing procedures;   reinforcement of silicone elastomers; Good hydrophobicity to improve   corrosion resistance; improvement of dielectric properties; powder flow aid;   Improve scratch resistance  

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Main Functions of HIFULL Fumed Silica


01 Reinforcement

Improve physical strength, tensile strength & tearing resistance

02 Thickening

Increase viscosity in liquid system products

03 Thixotropic Agent

Optimum rheology control performance & thixotropic performance in liquid system products

04 Anti-settling Agent

Good suspending agent in liquid system products due to its sag & settling resistance

05 Anti-caking Agent      

Improve free flowing performance of powders, avoid clumped issues

Functions Grade Suggestion
Paint & Coatings

Prevent sedimentation and delamination of pigments, improve the weathering and scratch resistance of coatings, and improve the bonding strength between coatings and substrates.

 HL-300 HL-380

HB-151 HB-152


Improve its thixotropic features, enables good tensile strength, bending resistance, water resistance, heat resistance,flowing ability. in putty, fumed silica shows great  anti-settling thixotropic performance.

In poly-putty base, used as thickening agent & anti-settling agent.

HL-150 ,HL-200,

HB-620,  HB-630

Silicone Rubber

Fumed silica is perfect reinforce agent for silicone rubber. Adding fumed silica, its tensile strength and tear resistance will be greatly improved

HL-150 ,HL-200,

HB-612, HB-620

Adhesives & Sealants Fumed silica has good properties in thixotropy, viscosity & sag resistance

HL-150 ,HL-200,


Plastics Fumed silica improves physical strength of plastics; makes the film easy to open, prevents agglomeration & sagging, helps in flowing, thickening and thixotropic performance.HL-200, HB-151
Construction Materials Improve performance in thickening, thixotropic ability, flowing ability, reinforcement, scratch-resistance and anti-cracking ability.HL-200, HB-132
Fertilizer In powder fertilizer, fumed silica adsorbs moisture as anti-caking agent; In fluid fertilizer, as suspending agen

HL-150 ,

 HB-612,  HB-615

Cosmestics Stable three dimensional net structure of fumed silica avoids pigment settling, and excellent 
dispersion properties ensures uniform distribution of color; Fumed silica has good UV-reflect 
performance, it’s widely used in sunscreen cream

HL-150 ,HL-200,

 HB-151 ,HB-151

Thermal Insulation Material

The heat conductivity of fumed silica is 0.022-0.028W/m, enables good thermal insulation.

 HL-150 ,HL-300,

 HB-151 HB-152

Pharmaceutical When added into pharmaceuticals, fumed silica acts as anticaking agent, drug carrier and excipient to prolong drug effect.

HL-150 ,HL-200

 HB-151 HB-152

FoodIn food powders, fumed silica used as dispersing agent, flowing agent, anti-caking agent & desiccant.HL-200, HL-380


 Why Choose HIFULL fumed silica?

ü  Strong Manufacturer

    Leading fumed silica manufacturer in China with 20+ years expertise, 12,000 tons annual capacity 20210915153705139.png

ü  Registration & Certificates

    REACH, SGS, DMF-registered,

    ISO9001, HALAL, KOSHER, TUV Rheinland Verified

ü  Manufacturer Direct Supply   

    10+ grades of hydrophilic & hydrophobic fumed silica supplied, good quality, competitive price  

ü  International Standard

    Leading setting body of ISO 231572021

    Leading setting body of ISO18473-3-2018 

    Member of the setting body of ISO18473-1-2015

ü  Technology Expertise

    50+ technology patents, CANS approved analysis & testing center

ü  Customer Service

    Professional sales team and tech service team, help solve your problem 

ü  Free Sample

    All grades of fumed silica sample available