HIFULL NT-50 is fumed titanium dioxide (TiO2) prepared by pyrolysis process. It has ultra-fine particle size, high purity, high specific surface area and unique combination of anatase and rutile mixed crystal structure. This product is applied in the field of catalysis and photocatalysis, it can also be used as an effective UV filter.

Characteristic  Physico-chemical  Data 



Standard Value

Testing Method

Specific surface area(BET)



GB/T   20020

pH in 4% dispersion


GB/T   20020

Loss on   drying @ 105℃×2h



GB/T   20020

Loss on ignition

(Loss on   ignition @ 1000℃×2h)



GB/T   20020

TiO2   Conten (based on ignited material)




GB/T   20020

Tamped density(@ 105℃×2h)



GB/T   20020

Crystal Shape


mixed   crystal structure

GB/T   20020

Properties & Functions

※  Small particle size, high purity, high specific surface area ;

※ Combination of anatase and rutile mixed crystal structure, mainly anatase structure;

※ Good thermal and chemical stability;

 Outstanding catalytic and photocatalytic efficiency;

 Photoactive under UV radiation;

※ Heat-stabilizing effect in silicone elastomers



Raw material for catalyst substrates with high thermal and hydrothermal stability;

Efficient catalyst substrate with good thermal and hydrothermal stability;

Efficient photocatalyst for formulation of self-cleaning construction materials;

Suitable for the construction of efficient dye-sensitized solar cells;

Heat stabilizer and flame retardant for silicone rubbers;

Additive and raw material for ceramic and metal materials as bonding agent, sintering additive, or structural component;

Dry coating of cathode materials in Li-ion batteries to increase performance and service time.

Package & Storage 

 Package: Craft Paper Bag, 10KG/bag

 Storage:  It is recommended that NT-50 be stored in a dry and cool environment and prevent contact with volatile substances. It is recommended to use it within two years from the date of production.