Three Patents from Huifu are Approved by CNIPA

2020-05-11 10:32:20 点击数:

Good news! Three patents from Yichang Huifu Silicon Material Co., Ltd. are approved by China National Intellectual Property Administration.

The three patents are

a. Mixing Device for raw materials of fumed silica during processing period(Patent Number: ZL2017 2 1382051.0)

b. Device for removing impurities from raw materials of fumed silica (Patent Number: ZL 2017 2 1382186.7)

c. Collecting Device for fumed silica manufacturing(Patent Number:ZL 2017 2 1724843.1)

21st century is an era of rapid development of technology and economy, and we, Huifu, keeps making progress. We get the certificate of National High-tech Enterprise; the leader of our scientific research institute, Doctor Wang Yuelin, has hosted and set the standard of ISO 18473-3:2018 < fumed silica for silicon rubber>; and now we get three patents approved by CNIPA. All these honour prove our advanced scientific strength, and we will adapt it into our product to benefit our clients.