“ISO/TC 256 Promotion Office for China” Established

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According to the official resolution of the 9th Plenary Session of ISO/TC 256 on October 12th 2018, Dr Yuelin Wang, President of Guangzhou Huifu Research Institute Co., Ltd., was appointed as the Promotion Officer in China. In order to fully implement the promotion responsibilities, The “ISO/TC 256 Promotion Office for China” was established under the guidance of the domestic counterpart committee—the National Coatings and Pigment Standardization Technical Committee Secretariat and with the participation of relevant domestic experts. The office is located in Guangzhou Huifu Research Institute Co., Ltd.

On December 19,2018, Dr. Wang Yuelin, ISO/TC256/WG7 convener Dai Shifeng and office members held a brief office unveiling ceremony, focusing on setting goals and priorities for the year 2019. In order to promote ISO/TC256 international standardization activities, standardization knowledge, and Publicize the work carried out by the office , the "ISO/TC 256 Promotion Office" WeChat public number was also officially launched.

Under the guidance and support of the National Counterpart Committee, the ISO/TC 256 Promotion Office for China will focus on the followings:

(1) Propagandizing ISO/TC256 standardization activities and contents; Introducing the work and achievements of Chinese experts in ISO/TC256;

(2) Accelerate the promotion and application of international standards in China; strive to transform the newly drafted international standards into national and local standards;

(3) Attract and encourage more companies and experts to participate in the drafting and revision of international standards;

(4) Organize a series of training and forums on standards related aspects.

Through the above efforts, the awareness and influence of ISO/TC256 in China pigments, dyestuffs and extenders industry will be enhanced, more enterprises, institutions and experts will be actively involved in the international standardization. The ISO/TC 256 international platform will be fully utilized to support Chinese enterprises and their products to the international stage and participate in the international competition.c