Fumed Silica is a Excellent Thickener

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Fumed silica is an excellent thixotropic agent which is used to control the viscosity of mixed epoxy systems.英文产品功能效果对比图-06.jpg

Fumed silica (CAS number 112945-52-5 or 7631-86-9), also known as pyrogenic silica or colloidal silicone dioxide, is produced through flame hydrolysis synthesis in which silicon tetrachloride reacts with hydrogen & oxygen, and the SiO2 seed grows in size or aggregates.

HIFULL fumed silica is produced at small particle size (around 7-40 nanometers), which makes it very reactive and gives it more surface area for chemical reactions. It’s porous-structure powder.

Advantage Properties of HIFULL Fumed Silica as Thickener

l  Effective Thickening Performance

HIFULL Fumed Silica can increase the viscosity of polymer solution after high-speed dispersion.

l  Avoid sedimentation

 HIFULL fumed silica helps avoiding sedimentation of high impurities in polymer solutions.

lEasy to use

 HIFULL fumed silica can be used very smooth, non-sagging, high strength mixture or combined with fillers or fibers to make them non-sagging.

lcan be applied in cation or anion or non-ionic systems

lViscosity keeps stable despite the change of tempreture, Ph or transportation英文产品功能效果对比图-07.jpg

Applications of Fumed Silica as Thickener


Fumed silica can effectively prevent sedimentation and delamination of pigments, improve the bonding strength between coatings and substrates, and help rheology control.

Adhesive/ Sealant or Caulks

Fumed silica improve adhesive performance, it allows adhesives and sealants to be applied smoothly and prevents from sagging during curing process.

UPR Resins & Composite Materials

Fumed silica improves viscosity, offering excellent thixotropic properties.

Personal Care Products

Improve chemical stability, thixotropic property & viscosity, enable smooth feelings when applied on skin or nails; Reduce thickness, make it light and fresh.


Fumed silica has large specific surface area and good adsorption property, it can adsorb water molecules in liquid, then expand into super fine particles, these particles forms stable suspension.

This property makes fumed silica perfect additive for agrochemicals in wettable agrochemical powder, agrochemical granules, carrier for water dispersible granules and dispersing agent.20221026162036961.jpg

Fumed Silica Factory/Manufacturer - HIFULL Strength

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 Leading setting body of ISO 23157:2021, ISO18473-3-2018 & ISO18473-1-2015

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