HL-200 is hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area around 200㎡/g.        20210915153900843.png

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1.Coatings & Paintings  Improve Thixotropic &  Anti-settling properties & Increased scratch resistance

2.Adhesives & Sealants adjustment of rheology during processing & thickening effect

3.HTV&RTV Silicon Rubbers  reinforcement of silicone elastomers & thickening effect

4.Thin Film & UPR  reinforce physicle strength & tensile strength

5.Printing Ink → anti-settling & thickenging

6.Fertilizer & Pesticide   thickening & anti-settling for liquid system product ;

                                        →  anti-caking & free flow aid for powder products

7.Cosmetics →  Improve thickening & anti-caking & anti-settling perofrmance


Reinforcing filler in elastomers

Rheology control and thixotropic agent

Anti-settling,anti-sagging and thickening agent

Free flow aid and anti-caking aid for powders

High Transparency

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Physical & Chemical Data

PropertiesUnitTypical ValueTesting Standard
Specific Surface Area(BET)m2/g200±20GB/T 20020
pH value in 4% dispersion-3.9~4.5GB/T 20020
Loss on drying(2 hours at 105℃)%≤2.0GB/T 20020
Loss on ignition(2 hours at 1000℃ based on material dried for 2 hours at 105℃)%≤2.0GB/T 20020
Sieve Residue(45μm)mg/kg≤250GB/T 20020
Silica Content(Based on ignited material)%≥99.8GB/T 20020
Tamped Density(Based on material dried at 105℃ for 2 hours)g/dm³40~60GB/T 20020


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Leading setting body of ISO 231572021 Determination of the silanol group content on the surface of fumed silica — Reaction gas chromatographic method

Leading setting body of ISO18473-3-2018 Fumed silica for silicone rubber application ;

Member of the setting body of ISO18473-1-2015 Nanoscale calcium carbonate for sealant application

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