HIFULL HB-132 is hydrophobic fumed silica which is produced by hydrophilic fumed silica with specific surface area of 200m2/g after chemical post-treatment with HMDS (Hexamethyldisilazane).


Silicone rubber



Adhesives and Sealants


Low thickening effect and excellent processability enable high loading in polymers

Excellent reinforcing properties in silicone rubber especially at high filler loading levels (RTV-1, RTV-2, LSR)

Good transparency performance

Free flow aid and anti-caking aid for powders


Physical & Chemical Data

PropertiesUnitTypical ValueTesting Standard
Specific surface area(BET) m2/g120±40GB/T 20020
pH value in 4% dispersion (H2O:Ethanol=1:1)-7.0~8.5GB/T 20020
Loss on drying(2 hours at 105℃)%≤0.5GB/T 20020
Loss on ignition(2 hours at 1000℃ based on material dried for 2 hours at 105℃)%≤4.0GB/T 20020
Silica Content(Based on ignited material)%≥99.8GB/T 20020
Tamped Density(Based on material dried at 105℃ for 2 hours)g/dm²40~60GB/T 20020
Carbon Content (Based on material dried at 105℃ for 2 hours)%2.5~4.0GB/T 20020